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FAIR PLAY FARM2FORK is clearing the garden plot, tilling the soil, ready to plant some great happenings. We are just waiting for the harvest.

This season's Fair Play FARM2FORK DINNERS  will be served in Lucinda's Country Inn's dining room.

You make your room reservation at Lucinda's Country Inn and they will send you that month's menu for your Farm2Fork Dinner, paired with one of their winery partners wines for your fabulous dinner served one on one, or maybe another couple or two will be in the dining room with you. No matter, you'll still have a great experience enjoying your Farm2Fork Dinner.  The dinners include the wines, taxes, NOT gratuity.

The full details of your dinner options will be emailed to you for that month's Farm2Fork Dinner. The prices can vary; that will be in the email.

Our chefs will prepare these scrumptious dinners from local produce, beef & pork and cheeses. Mama Earth Farm grows most of the veggies and Mann Fram provides most fruits.  Monarch Valley Farms raises the pork and the cheeses come from Williams and Modesto. Have you ever picked a cherry tomato ripe from the vine and immediately popped it into your mouth. Remember that sweet, almost candy sweet, fresh flavor? That's the freshness of the Fair Play FARM2FORK™ DINNER.


For details e-mail: cinsullivan@aol.com